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Hope Blend
Hope Blend is a medium roasted cinnamon and hazelnut flavored coffee sure to delight anyone that sips it.

Item 101 - Price: $15.00 Bag

Recovery Blend
Recovery Blend is one to please the tastebuds as well as give you a pick-me-up. It’s a bold, dark roast coffee while also smooth and low in acidity.

Item 102 - Price: $15.00 Bag

Freedom Fighter Blend
Freedom Fighter Blend is sure to keep you awake and alert as you continue to fight the good fight in life! It’s a balanced blend of medium roast coffee with a complimentary French roast note. 

Item 103 - Price: $15.00 Bag

Decaf Serenity
Serenity Blend DECAF is for those who need a Decaffeinated variety. It’s an organically grown medium roast coffee sure to satisfy.

Item 104 - Price: $15.00 Bag






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Black Hoodie Sweatshirt

Item 401 - Price: $40.00


“Hope Dealer” T-shirts

Item 406 - Price: $20.00

Sizes Available

Gray Hoodie Sweatshirt

Item 403 - Price: $40.00

Gray and Black Bennie Hat

Item 404 - Price: $20.00

Black Bennie Hat

Item 405 - Price: $20.00

Women’s Black Zip-Up Jackets

Item 402 - Price: $40.00..


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